Thursday, March 26, 2009

School Committee Meeting 3/25

Hey guys! Just letting you know that the school committee unanimously approved the mayor's budget. We didn't really have much of a choice about this... even if they had voted no, the mayor would have been able to doctor the budget as he pleased. Plus, if we get more revenue, then they have to draw up a new budget and vote anyway, and a lot of school committee members supported our platform.

Also, John McDonough said something very interesting last night. He said that they redid the budget formula to give more "equitable" funds to larger schools. Basically, we got a lot of our teachers back and a lot of smaller schools took bigger cuts, just because we're big. More than ever, this means networking is important. We have to draw less resourced schools in and research their situation. Me and Hang will probably shortly be meeting with Elias and Melvin, organizers at BAA and English, and hopefully, we will be going to a meeting on April 1 with the student govt at fenway high.

good luck everyone!

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