Monday, March 16, 2009


1. So Maija M.'s dad is willing to offer a presentation at school about how to talk to the press because he works with/PR. If y'all are interested in coming, let me (or her) know so we can work out a date.
2. There are coalition meetings Tuesday (2:30-4) and Thursday (4-6). I'm not sure about the end times.

[edit 3/17/09]
3/17: coalition mtg
3/18: 4-6? UMN mtg
6-8 final school budget cut hearing
3/19: coalition prep mtg for....
3/20: coalition mtg w/superintendent
3/21: BPON mtg
3/22: coalition mtg w/Rev Groover
3/26: Union for BPS event on State House
3/27: coalition mtg w/Mayor

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