Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Hi everyone!
So today I skipped school to go to a budget hearing before the state legislature. Unfortunately, I was unable to testify, but a few coalition members did in support of local options taxes. Hopefully, the revenue committee (the guys we testified to) will vote out favorably on the bill that would allow the legislature to vote for us to raise our local options here in boston.

Also, Jenny Sazama from BSAC has decided that we should head their student union campaign. I'd like to get everyone's input on whether or not we think bsac should be involved or on what level, because of jenny's (an adult's) close work with them.

Finally, I had an idea for an action. We could get students to boycott restaurants that don't support the meals tax and have a day where we all go out to eat at the restaurants that do support it! It'd be a nice way to get ourselves out there and support the businesses that are pro-meals tax. what do you think?

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  1. Actually that wasn't Nick's idea. BTW. But it's a good one.

    Also, I think we should get other people (allies) not just students to boycott or support restaurants based on their stance on the meals tax.